5 Unbelievable Matcha Green Tea Benefits

There has been an influx of media coverage about matcha green tea benefits. Matcha green tea has been gaining popularity lately due to its abilities. Minor headaches and complex ailments like cancer could find treatment with matcha tea.

Many health studies are beginning to throw some light on the facets of matcha green tea benefits. In this article we explore some amazing matcha green tea benefits. You will also learn, what matcha is and how you can enjoy this antioxidant rich green tea powder. The benefits of matcha could change your life. 

What is Matcha?

Matcha is powder of processed green tea leaf called Camellia sinensis. The tea plant produces amino acids (theanine) and caffeine when put under shade. The green tea plant is processed after removing stems and veins.

Matcha Green Tea Benefits

Matcha Green Tea Powder

How to Prepare Matcha Tea?

Ground, whole leaves make matcha. Japanese style of preparation is the most common way.
If you want to follow the tradition, measured the tea with a bamboo spoon, called a shashaku and pour it into a heated tea bowl. Add hot water (about 70°C) to the bowl. Then whisk the tea with a special bamboo whisk, called a chasen, until it becomes smooth with froth on top.

What are Matcha Green Tea Benefits for a healthy lifestyle?

Since matcha is a variety of green tea, it has most of the same health benefits. Matcha is more concentrated in antioxidants. A single cup of matcha may be equal to about 3 cups of regular green tea.
There haven’t been many human studies on matcha. Animal studies suggest that it may reduce the risk of kidney and liver damage. Matcha also lowers blood sugar, triglyceride and cholesterol levels (1). Matcha is more effective than regular green tea at fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi (2).
Here we discuss the 5 main health benefits associated with drinking matcha green tea.
Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea

Weight Loss

Matcha green tea has high concentration of polyphenols. These help in oxidizing fat and encourage thermogenesis. Thermogenesis in the body is the rate which the body burns calories. Matcha green tea results in an increase of energy. This improves metabolism resulting in more weight loss than normal. Matcha green tea use as a fat burner is quite popular.

Matcha has fewer calories compared to most other common morning beverages. It makes a better substitute for coffee as a morning beverage of choice. A substitution of green tea instead of a cup of joe will make a big difference in the size of your waistline.
Matcha green tea pill has also been gaining popularity with people looking for fat burn. Green tea diet or green tea weight loss diet uses matcha.
Flat Belly with Matcha Green tea

Lose weight with Matcha Green Tea

Prevention of Cancer

The process of oxidation happens as our bodies metabolize the oxygen that we breathe. Our cells produce energy from this process. This process also produces free radicals. These free radicals interact with the molecules within our cells. This results in damage (or stress) to nearby cells, and DNA (our genes).
Free radicals are normal and necessary to some degree. Besides causing some damage, they also stimulate repair. Oxidative stress happens if the amount of free radicals produced overwhelm the repair.
The antioxidants in matcha green tea cut these free radicals that plague the body. These free radicals cause aging and growth of cancer cells. The polyphenols in matcha prevent the formation of unstable oxygen molecules during oxidation. Oxidation damages healthy cells of the body. This can cause illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and even strokes. The polyphenols prevent the formation of abnormal cells and inflammation. These polyphenols also destroy most cancer causing agents.

Healthy Teeth

Matcha green tea is well known for keeping teeth clean because of one of its ingredients, fluoride. The fluoride kills the bacteria in the mouth that causes plaque. Also, fluoride helps to maintain healthy, cavity-free teeth. This helps to prevent general tooth decay inside of the mouth. This cannot be about coffee which stains the teeth with an ugly yellow tinge. The oral health of teeth can be vastly improved with the consumption of green tea.

Matcha green tea promotes healthy teeth

Matcha green tea promotes healthy teeth

Lowers Cholesterol

Matcha green tea may be a possible solution for those suffering from conditions of high cholesterol. Heart attacks are common problems associated with bad cholesterol. Drinking matcha green tea could possibly lower this stunning high risk.

Matcha green tea lowers the bad cholesterol levels, LDL cholesterol and prevents the occurrence of blood clots in the body. The LDL cholesterol flows through the liver and cells forming heavy deposits on artery walls. The catechins in green tea help to decrease the amount of bad cholesterol. The catechins help to maintain a healthy good cholesterol to bad cholesterol ratio improving the overall health of the body.

Relaxation and Alertness

In addition to being a great source of antioxidants, green tea contains a unique amino acids called theanine. Matcha tea actually contains much higher levels of theanine. because of the way it is produced.

In humans, theanine may increase so-called alpha waves in the brain. These waves are linked to mental relaxation, and may help fight stress signals (3, 4, 5, 6). Theanine also modifies the effects of green tea caffeine content in the body, increasing alertness without causing the drowsiness that often follows coffee drinking. Matcha tea has actually been reported to have a milder and longer-lasting “buzz” than coffee (7). Who needs energy drinks when you can get enough caffeine in green tea like matcha!

Theanine can also increase the amount of feel-good chemicals in the brain, leading to improved mood, memory and concentration (8). Furthermore, studies have shown that powdered green tea may improve brain function and reduce age-related cognitive decline in the elderly (9, 10, 11).

Benefits of Matcha Green Tea Conclusion

If weight loss, the prevention of cancer, healthy teeth, and the idea of low cholesterol does not give you an idea that green tea is a miracle worker, you must be working with some pretty powerful magic. A couple of cups of tea in addition to your normal daily beverage will greatly decrease the risk of any bad conditions.

A daily overdose of caffeine intake may happen from matcha tea. Green tea extract and green tea pills bring same benefits as the green tea. So, we hope that you begin a daily matcha green tea regimen tomorrow!