1. Yes, we got acquired.

It’s official, in the past tense and a done deal.

2. We’re excited to work for them.

Well, technically, it’s not them anymore. It’s us. As in, we’re employees of Livefyre now and really excited to be working for the leading provider of real-time conversation and social curation on the web.

3. They have a really good product suite that’s about to get better.

As you probably know, we competed with Livefyre in the comments space. One of the things that attracted them to us was our innovations around analytics. Since they’ve got the comments piece covered, we now get to focus 100% of our energy where we were headed anyway: intelligence.

4. We’re very excited and here’s why:

It’s about getting a seat at the table. We had a lot of offers in the past two years (for funding, for partnerships and for acquisition) but this is the first one we took seriously. Why? Because working at Livefyre’s scale means we get to do great work for publishers and brands alike. Over 550 of them to be more precise. All shapes and sizes too. It would have taken us years to get to that scale and, well, it just made more sense to join them than compete against them.

5. We will be staying in San Diego.

We love this place. Livefyre will be keeping our office and I’ll be managing it. We’ll be hiring here soon. So stay tuned.

6. Check out Livefyre.com for more information on their products and services.